I recently took my son to his first professional race, an Indy Car race at Texas Motor Speedway.  Like any non-race fan, we enjoyed the zoom-zoom the most.  However, prior to the race we got an up close and personal look at perhaps the most unique vehicle we’ve ever seen – the Slingshot from Polaris.  Our admittedly limited experience with Polaris made us think of a snow mobile with wheels.  (Polaris makes snow mobiles, don’t they?)  Upon first seeing this contraption, we had too thoughts – First, this thing is an awesome speed demon.  Second, is that a plastic windshield on a vehicle without a top?

Having a 12 year old son who depends upon me for survival, I must say that the Slingshot is not for me.  However, as a previous owner of a borderline scary convertible speedster, this thing will definitely find an audience.   I’ll just have to store it away until my importance within the circle of life wains.

Want to check it out for yourself?  Stop by Cycle Center of Denton and let the professionals show you everything there is to know under the hood.

DFW Motorcycle Dealer

By Paul Dumas

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