Generally there are a number of things that a person will need to consider while selecting a landscape maintenance service provider. The profession of exterior maintenance and other landscaping work require several forms of approval from local authorities  and therefore you need to be attentive while selecting a service for their landscaping work.

Nonetheless, you can easily sort out the best company that meets the needs through the following 5 tips.

Your requirement

A person ought to be very straightforward about the work and the type of service provider that you’ll need for the work. Not all of the businesses in the landscape maintenance industry are able of carrying out each and every task required. They employ sub-contractors or other smaller providers for such work thus you will have to pay out extra money. Subsequently, it’s better that you ought to be certain of your needs and then search the service providers that match those needs.

Searching for the service providers

You should not merely pick any service provider and employ it for the job. You should consider leading service providers in the industry and then analyze them based on your requirements and affordability. You ought to consider only those companies that entirely fit in your needs and does not sub-contract the project. You could very well start your search from listed service providers on trusted sites like Google, Yelp or Yahoo.

Check out the business

Once you have shortlisted some of the service providers based on their reputation. You should evaluate each one of them prior to awarding the landscaping task. Starting with the years of expertise they have in the industry. If your project will involve use of pesticide, then it is even more critical, given that use of pesticide will require a license or should be carried out under the direction of someone who maintains a valid license.


After analyzing the primary factors, you really should inquire for contractor’s certifications. Often service providers do hire landscaping contractors who do not have appropriate license. Therefore, it is better that you check the license ahead of time.

Insurance and safety

As soon as everything seems to be in place with a particular service provider, then you need to review the insurance and safety concerns. Reputed companies have clearly designated security guidelines for their staff and contractors, which is to be followed.


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By Paul Dumas

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