Short Term Insomnia Tips - 4 Quick Strategies To Get More Rest

Want instant insomnia relief? Then you owe it to yourself to take a look at the fast short-term insomnia cures down the page. These kinds of fast and easy insomnia tips won't likely cure your lack of sleep for good, but they will give you the relief you desire until you can get a more permanent solution.

4 Short-term Insomnia Treatment Tips...

1. Make It Chilly: Hotter temperatures while sleeping generally mean lots of fidgeting all through the night. Turn down the temperature to near 63-65 degrees and get into bed with a warm blanket.

2. Hold a Schedule: Go to bed at the same time each night, every night. By keeping a schedule, your body will learn when it's time to sleep and also when it is time to wake up. Constantly switching between going to sleep at night to sleeping during the day will do no good when it comes to dealing with your insomnia problems.

3. Don't Sleep In: Should you have a day off, don't sleep in for hours and hours for you to get "caught up on missed sleep". Sorry to say, but , sleep doesn't work like that. Lost sleep is lost sleep -- you can't make up the hours you've lost days later. That said, arise at the time you usually would, if not just an hour or two later.

4. Turn Off the Lamps: All the lights, including the TV, need to be turned OFF. Light prevents the creation of melatonin in your body; a natural hormone that helps you to fall asleep faster and keep asleep longer. If you like watching television before going to sleep, then go ahead and watch it, but make sure you turn it off when you're done.

There you are, 4 short-term insomnia cures that you could begin using tonight! If these 3 lack of sleep remedies don't help at all, well, then you may be needing a more potent natural insomnia remedy. Fortunately, there are way more powerful insomnia tips and treatments available -- you've just got to know where to look!

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